Strategies and Tips for Winning Basic Slots

lot machines, also known as fruit machines or pokies are one of the most popular attractions in all casinos. There are four main types available: basic, progressive, bonus and multi-player. Basic slots are the cheapest, thus an excellent starting point. Though it is mainly a game of luck, there are certain tips and strategies that can assure a successful experience.

Basic Slots Rules
The rules to play slots are rather simple. The player needs to insert a coin in the machine, or ticket for the online version and pull a handle/push a button. This will cause the real to spin and when it stops it displays a certain combination of symbols. The winning combination is shown on the machine’s face or on a screen of the video slot.

5 Strategies for a Successful Basic Slots Experience

In order to be a winner it is important to avoid depending exclusively on luck. There are certain strategies that are extremely useful in Basic Slots. The starting point is to find the highest payout in order to have the highest chances to win. All slot machines are obliged to have the payout listed. The tricky part is that sometimes it is hard to find. As the percentage varies between 70% and 97%, it is worth being patient and look for it.

Most casinos, in both virtual and real world, tend to reward the customers’ loyalty. In order to get the best of each game remember to look for the bonuses and promotions available. The right choice can significantly increase the overall bottom line.

In order to be eligible for Jackpots it is mandatory to play the maximum coins. If the sum is too big there is no need to change the machine. There is the possibility to switch the coin value in order to place high bets.

Single line slots have lower payouts, but higher jackpots. They are a great choice for players who intend to spend a longer time at the machine. They are also more advantageous as they prevent losing the set bankroll in few spins.

Responsible money management is mandatory when playing basic slots. This also implies establishing and sticking to certain limits. Once the risk level is hit it is important to quit playing in order to avoid greater loses.

Tips for Winning Big

Besides developing a strategy, players can also rely on certain tips that can help them win at Basic Slots:

If you have a low bankroll play with 3 or 4 reel machines;
Remain focused when winning and quit when starting to lose;
Never trust myths. The spin is completely random and there is no possibility to calculate the outcome by counting the symbols.
Keep in mind that a successful game is a responsible one.

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